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27 April 2015 @ 11:08 pm
One Piece -- Day 5 - Surprise  
Title: Day 5 - Surprise
Author: Nekocin/tyreling
Fandom: One Piece
Prompt: Relationships
Rating: G
Summary: He usually doesn’t let anyone close.

Day 5

The one he tried to protect.


Law stared down at the hand fan on the desk. He had been painstakingly working on it for a while, glueing the popsicle sticks together, testing their smooth movements and finally pasting a large paper with flowers printed across it. It was a painting he had done during art class. And now his secret project is done.

Law smiled at the result and showed it proudly to Sister. “Look, Sister!”

“Wow, that’s beautiful, Law. I’m sure Lamie will love it.”

“I hope so.” Law blushed and ducked his head. “She’s been looking forward to see the Summer festival stands and the fireworks.”

“Now let’s wait for the glue to dry and I’ll get some wrapping paper for you.”

When it was time to go home, Law had carefully put the present inside his backpack and walked back home very slowly in order not to jar his precious gift for his little sister.


The ones he looked up to.

“Well done, Law. You’ll be the best doctor Flevance ever seen.”

Law glowed under his father’s praise. As a quiet child himself, he didn’t know how to communicate his thanks to his own parents, often feeling a little embarrassed, a little bit lost.

Father patted him on the head and then Mother sidled to Law’s other side. She went down to his eye level and pulled him in a loose hug. “My son is growing up so fast.”

Law immediately went red. “Moooom, stop it.” He whined at her but she giggled and pulled off his hat to fluff his hair. “I’m going to make your favorite food tonight! Please anticipate.”


The one he learned to love too late.

“A little longer and dinner will be done!” Corazon grinned wide-toothed at Law. He was busy stirring in a small pot; some kind of animal stew.

Law didn’t care. Stupid Corazon kidnapped him before he could follow Doflamingo into the seas. Stupid old man. He was such a klutz too. How could this man even surviv-

“Oi, something is burning,” Law sniffed and checked Corazon’s shoulder to see if he had magically conjured fire across it by accident.

“Huh? You said something?” Corazon hummed, blinking wide-eyed at Law.

It’s when Law finally trailed his eyes downward and found the source, “OH MY GOD YOUR COAT IS ON FIRE!"

Corazon’s eyes widened and he let out a silent scream, quickly pulling his coat from the edges of the cooking coals. A small fire had built up at the zoom. Law was immediately nearby and stomped on it as best as his little foot could do.

Once the fire was completely out, Law crossed his arms and glared at Corazon.

“I meant to do that.” Corazon huffed unconvincingly and had the audicity to put on his most innocent smile.

“Move over. I’m cooking this time.” Law sighed.


The ones he trained.

Law dodged Bepo’s kicks and punches easily. They’ve been sparring ever since they found this island. The perfect open area with enough space to maneuver and no civilians or marines nearby. The rest of his tiny crew had formed a semi circle around their fighting space, cheering them both on.

“Come on, Bepo. Are you trying to go easy on me?” Law snapped and threw a kick at Bepo’s head.

“Sorry Captain!” Bepo stopped to flip a bow. (”IDIOT, DON’T STOP TO APOLOGIZE.” the rest of the crew shouted!)

“Then move faster!”

“Aye captain!”

“Penguin!” Law flicked a glance over his shoulder. “You’re next.”

“YES!” Penguin’s eyes sparkled.

“With Shachi!”

“Awww man, I want to spar with Captain.”

“Are you saying I suck at this?”

“Of course you do!”

“Meet me in the ring, Penguin.”

“You’re on, Shachi!”

The more he sparred with Bepo, the more Bepo would improve in close physical combat. To be honest, close combat was not Law’s forte. But ever since he started gathering his crew, he decided they all needed to learn the art of street fighting and other botched up forms of martial arts.

Their journey on the Grand line will continue to be dangerous and exhausting. His crew will work as the front line offenses and he will be their defense. Building up their combat skills will give Law leeway to preserving his Devl Fruit ability.


The one who gave him hope again.

“Torao, we did it! We won!”

Luffy smiled brightly at him, showing all his front teeth. His face was covered in blood and bruises. Actually, his whole body was not that far off either. At least, Luffy hadn’t had to lose an arm and lose more than half pint of his blood.

“Yeah.” Law was only able to utter. The decisive fight still left him speechless. It was odd, huge, random, totally stupid, and yet Luffy beat Doflamingo.

Law’s mind was slow to work out that he’s finally free from Doflamingo. He’s finally rid the world from Joker.

“And now we partyyyyy!” Luffy screamed out, shoving both his arms into the air and then dropped to the ground in a cloud of dust. Unmoving.

“Luffy!” Law yelped and quickly leaned over to check his pulse.


He’s just out cold. Law let out a relieved sigh and finally, FINALLY, allowed himself to savour the moment. He laid himself beside Luffy, breathed in slowly and smiled up at the sky. His eyelids involuntarily lowered themselves and he was out like a light.


Notes - 2 days late, sorry. Was working on opbigbang at the last stretch. So I’m going to post all the themes in one go.