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27 April 2015 @ 11:21 pm
One Piece -- Day 6 - Knowledge  
Title: Day 6 - Knowledge
Author: Nekocin/tyreling
Fandom: One Piece
Prompt: Doctor / Pirate
Rating: G
Summary: Law tries to get permission to read Chopper’s books.

Day 6

For a free-spirited and random crew like Mugiwara, they definitely have quite an amazing compilation of books in their library. Granted, Law’s pretty sure the one who has the most was Nico-ya, considering he’s seen her reading several books in one day.

The bookshelves looked sturdy to his amateur eyes and the space the library provided was designed in a way that Robo-ya could build more shelves in case they have decided to grow their collection.

He had only thrown a glance at the book corner and read off the name tags pasted against the shelves to see which shelf belonged to whom. Of course, unsurprisingly, Mugiwara-ya didn’t own one, for the second lowest shelf where his name was printed, was empty. Nico-ya and Nami-ya have the largest book collection of them all, with Tony-ya’s collection finishing third.

As a fellow-doctor, Law’s eyes immediately zoomed in on Tony-ya’s collection. During the 2 years separation what exactly had the young doctor learned? Did he find some kind of chemical draught that could heal faster? Had he tested his research and written notes and analysis somewhere in a journal? How much did the medical world change in some islands? Had it evolved into better treatments, better cures?

Law was particularly interested in that herb balm Tony-ya had used at Punk Hazard when the tanuki wanted to fix the many physical wounds the children, the marines and the Mugiwara crew had acquired. What kind of secret ingredient did he use to make the balm? Where can Law find it?  Would Tony-ya tell him if Law asked or should he actually snoop through Tony-ya’s book collection instead?

But Law can’t make sudden movements in this study. He could feel Nico-ya’s contemplative looks searing his back. She probably had that all-knowing smile on her face right now. His skin prickled under her intense gaze and Law suppressed the urge to lash out with his cursed sword. He pretended to give the rest of the room a cursory glance, steeled himself and turned around to face her, his poker face on.

“I think if you just ask Chopper, he won’t mind lending some of his books to you.” Nico-ya said with an enigmatic smile and walked passed him, not brushing his shoulders, as she put back the book in her hand on the top shelf and lightly dragged a fingertip across the spines to select another, and then three more.

Law hummed in affirmation and exited the room to look for the tanuki doctor. unfortunately, he couldn’t get the young doctor alone since he’s either occupied with Nose-ya and Mugiwara-ya in some idiot dancing game, or he’s disappeared to the Crow’s Nest to check up on Zoro-ya’s wounds. It’s only during lunch time that Law was able to see Tony-ya.

He had maneuvered himself to sit at the table where Tony-ya sat on his right side and ignored the significant look Nico-ya sent his way. The rest of the Mugiwara crew hadn’t noticed his change of seating arrangement, too busy to scarf down the food in front of them and fighting Mugiwara-ya’s grubby thieving hands.

Then Law found his opportunity when the desserts came in. Having spent one whole day with the odd crew, Law had observed them very closely and Tony-ya was the easiest to read. Maybe because they were both doctors, maybe because he wore his emotions on his sleeves.

Law went for the all kill.

He pushed his share of the dessert, a plain vanilla cream puff with some hints of orange flavor, towards Tony-ya’s plate.

Tony-ya blinked at the unexpected gesture and stared up at Law in confusion, fluffy cream dotted the corner of his mouth, his cheeks stopped rolling around as he chewed.

“I want to see your library.” Law said simply. "You have a good collection of med books."

Bribing the tanuki with sweets was the perfect plan.



Notes - this is a longer drabble for one of the sentences from my “Lost in New World” fic. And the library part was inspired by Oda’s sbs corner pic and  Reading the Strawhats by callosum.

Late for the submission cuz I was working on the last stretches of opbigbang