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27 April 2015 @ 11:26 pm
One Piece -- Day 7 - Respect  
Title: Day 6 - Knowledge
Author: Nekocin/tyreling
Fandom: One Piece
Prompt: Corazon / Free day
Rating: G
Summary: One day, they needed to buy new clothes.

Gift: Cham, with whom I’d jokingly plotted out this scenery at one point… and it’s now a reality. :D

Day 7

They drifted in a small boat towards the nearest islands with enough food and water crates to last them for a week or two. According to Corazon’s map and the log pose, it will take at least three more days before they’d find land, look for a capable doctor and stock up.

During the day when the sun was ablaze in the sky, he ditched the feather coat, too hot to weat the thick material. He stacked up the wooden crates to form at least some make shift shade and both Law and himself would huddle against the temporary shading wall until night fall.

It didn’t take long for Corazon’s sensitive nose to pick up the repulsive scent of unwashed bodies, stinking clothes and traces of urine and feces cooking in the black bucket.

He looked down at his young charge, who was still stubbornly ignoring him, his face pressed into his knees. Silent. Maybe he’s asleep?  Or maybe he’s having a heat stroke? As far as Corazon knows, Law had never actually been this long out in the sun.

Once they find land, Corazon is going to book a room at some small bed and breakfast hotel and pay for a a long, long bath. Then they can eat some real cooked food and spend the night in an actual, fluffy bed.

The reason why he didn’t share this idea to make peace with Law immediately though was because his brother had spies everywhere. He might have sent people to follow them around the world, to keep an eye on their every move. And if they catch Corazon extracting money from a legal bank using his marine code, his cover will be blown in no time.

Corazon had been working this secretive for so long, he can’t risk jeapordizing his mission with comforts.  

He still has some cash on himself though. Stuffed in the socks he’s wearing right now. Maybe they can stay at a small room for two days tops and then choose a different one two days after. Never too long in one place.

He looked down at Law again and wrinkled his nose. All right, first, Law definitely needed a change of clothes. Two pair of shorts, underwear and shirts.

The moment they found land with a visible bustling harbor town, Corazon had already made a decision. He hid their boat in a nearby cave, tied it tightly on a nearby rock and picked Law up by the scruff of his shirt.

The action surprised Law and he yelped and threw wild kicks and punches at Corazon. “Leggo! Lemme go!”

“We’re going to find a room, take a bath and some food.” Corazon said in his most serious voice. But his lip was bleeding so his stern expression had failed to keep Law quiet.

Law snorted and flailed around. “Put me down! Put me down this instant! I can walk on my own!”

“Nope! Won’t do it.” Corazon shook his head, the ends of his hat slapping his cheek. “I don’t want you to run off the first chance you get. So I’m gonna carry you myself.”

“You bastard! Leggo! Leggo!” Law flailed some more and threw punches and kicks. Corazon dragged his feather coat from the boat and quickly rolled it around Law until he’s immobilize and fit quite snugly against Corazon’s hip.

“That should do it.” Corazon grinned. “Now be quiet. I’m going to look for food and shelter for both of us. And then later~,” His voice sing-songed as he looked at Law, “We go shopping for your clothes!”

“I don’t need clothes. Mine are just fine.” Law grumbled.

“Law, you stink. You think I’m gonna let you wear the same underwear for a month? Nope. We need a set of that to last us for our journey. We can buy detergent to wash them later.” Corazon thought out loud, finger tapping his chin as he stepped out of the small cave, the sea water slushing his legs wet and climbed the uneven ground to the top where the sea harbor city was built.

He didn’t make it successfully on the first try though.

One pebble shifted under his foot and somehow the unexpectedness sent Corazon crashing over his head and tumbled down with Law still in his hand. They both screamed as they rolled down the hill into the sea.

Now they definitely need new clothes as soon as possible.


They entered the nearest clothing store, dripping wet from head to toe and received some free towels from one of the nice sales ladies, who directed them to check out their collection of shirts on sales for emergency clothes. Apparently people around here sometimes ended up in water by accident too and emergency clothes were in high demand.

“How about this, Law?” Corazon picked out a tacky shirt with frilly collar.

Law gave him a long deadpanned look. “No.” And he turned away to rummage through the clothes stacked up in the sales shelves.

“And this?” Corazon tapped Law’s back and nearly shoved the shirt into Law’s face. It was a blue and white shirt with a huge bear stitched in the center.

“I’m not a baby anymore.”

Corazon pouted. “But it looks good on you, see?” He laid the shirt over Law’s back. “They even have matching bear underwear.”

Law’s face immediately colored. “Shitty man, stop being creepy! I can choose my own clothes just fine.”

“You’re right, Law. absolutely right. Choose whatever you like. I’ll just be in that corner then.” Corazon pointed to a direction but Law wasn’t listening. He folded the bear shirt and underwear and turned away from Law, headed right to the check out register to pay for that first.

Law probably like cute, fluffy things. a lot of kids seem to like them so much so why would Law be any different. Besides, the bear had soft hairs too. It’d be very comfortable on cold nights.

The end


This is the last part of the Trafalgar Law Week mini drabbles. Thank you everyone for staying till the end. The challenge was fun and engaging. I was excited to see everyone else’s submissions.

Thank you for reading!