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Where the sun sets

I'll say good bye

Tyreling's complete fanfiction archive
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Fanfiction written by tyreling/Nekocin
 わたし達は創りものでも 同じ だから
 終わり じゃないから
・・・ あ な た が す き

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Fanfiction archive journal of TYRELING or NEKOCIN. Other varying names are candlestick, candlestickycat, icyqueenspecial, icyqueen, xangraneko or xangranekocin.

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Don't own any mentioned characters in the stories. Anything bearing resemblances on real life is purely coincidental. All stories are written without a motive to entice or point at anyone and claim anything worth juicy for front page columns. They're written purely for entertainment on the writer's part and partly for the readers' similar enjoyments. Proceed with caution.

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* Please go here first if you want to join. It's no biggie, really, but I'm really paranoid if suddenly a lot of people started joining.
* All entries are tagged, just so no one can get lost.
* All fanfiction/stories entries are in my memories just in case you find tags annoying.
* Feel free to roam through everything
* I feel obliged to admit that not all my fanfiction/stories are up yet. <-- is too lazy to load all of them now
* If too many people are trying to access to this community, don't be surprised when I start wondering whom everyone is. <-- :DDD I'd like to meet you all.
* No stealing, copying or any form of plagiarism allowed. I will catch you. >:E
* Thank you for reading~!

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